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Zero environmental impact excursions B&B Vietri 360

B&B Vietri Sul Mare

The excursions we offer and prefer are all environmentally friendly as they take place in the outdoors with eco-friendly means of transport. The sustainable activity par excellence is undoubtedly trekking, favoured by those who love walking and connect with nature enjoying the salubrious air of the Amalfi Coast paths that always offer breath-taking views.

The Path of the Gods excursion and many more: the Path of the Gods is undoubtedly the most famous path in the Amalfi Coast and one of the most beautiful paths in the world. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. It takes around 4 hours and a half to go from Bomerano village (part of Agerola) to Nocelle, near Positano. You will be escorted by an excellent and experienced guide who also offers many other panoramic trails. For information, just contact us.

Mount San Liberatore excursion with picnic: an hour and a half walk (A/R) to the mount that dominates Vietri sul Mare on a footpath far from the mass tourism routes. This easy and amazingly panoramic excursion, with a view over the entire gulf of Salerno, is suitable for most people and will end with a fantastic picnic of local products.

Kayak excursions: if you prefer to explore the beauties of the Amalfi Coast from the sea, the kayak excursion starting from Amalfi will allow you to live an unforgettable experience discovering places otherwise inaccessible.

Horseback excursions: if you want to live a unique experience in contact with horses, Vietri sul Mare offers mountain paths perfect for horse riding. Expert instructors will take good care of you.

Enogastronomic tours​ B&B Vietri 360

B&B Vietri Sul Mare

The Amalfi Coast offers excellent enogastronomic activities that will take you to discover the culinary culture of Campania region. Our land is famous for the Mediterranean cuisine, the production of wine and of limoncello.

Mozzarella Tour

In Paestum, one of the most precious archaeological gems in Italy and capital of the buffalo mozzarella, during a wonderful visit to a buffalo farm you will learn how buffaloes are raised and see the complete process of mozzarella making. At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to try mozzarella with a variety of local products.

Wine Tour

Upon the hills of Vietri, it is possible to visit the panoramic vineyard of an organic winery with a guide who will also show you the phases of the production of wine. You will then taste flavoursome dishes mainly prepared with products from their own garden. Just a few kilometres from Vietri, immersed in the hills of Salerno, another wonderful organic farm not only offers a great wine tour but also an olive oil tour with visit to the olive groves and tasting of local products.

Pasta Tour

In Gragnano, town where the pasta making tradition has very old roots, it is possible to visit an historical award-winning pasta factory that produces up to 5 tons of pasta per day. You will be shown the production stages and told the story of how this tradition has been handed down from father to son.

Cooking Class

It will be offered by the chef owning one of the best restaurants in town. You will actively participate in the preparation of typical dishes of our region, especially of the Amalfi Coast, that you will eat at the end of the lesson accompanied by excellent wine from Campania.

Lemon Tour

You will be guided through the famous Amalfi Coast lemon terraces, grown into the mountainside and secured by stone walls, overlooking the Amalfi sea. You will be shown the various phases, from the plantation to the harvest, transport and production of the “sfusato amalfitano”, a variety of lemons with unique properties, only found on the Amalfi coast.

Coffee Tour

The “Caffè Sombrero” Vietri coffee roasting business has been roasting high quality coffee using wood as in days gone by. During the visit to the factory, guests will have a closer look at the roasting process that brings raw coffee to a high temperature to dehydrate it and turn it into brown and crumbly grains from which to obtain the coffee powder that we drink every day at home or in bars. An opportunity not to be missed in which to discover how toasting is an ancient art, which requires commitment, practice, research and great attention.

Chocolate Tour

The company that we recommend is located in Avella, about an hour from Vietri, and is specialized in the production and processing of dried fruit and semi-finished products. It is now involved in the enhancement and promotion of the hazelnut “Mortarella” (also called “Avellana”), a local variety. This company offers a guided tour where you will learn about the history and philosophy of the company and will be shown all the phases of the production of chocolate. The explanation of each phase is carefully presented by the owner who will guide you on a journey into the heart of the company, to discover smellsand memories linked to stories of traditions and values that have enriched a unique gastronomic heritage in the world. The guided tour ends with a free tasting of their products. At the end of the visit, it is possible to organize a tour of the archaeological area and the Roman amphitheatre of Avella.

Ceramic workshop B&B Vietri 360

B&B Vietri Sul Mare

Guided by an expert ceramist of Vietri, you will decorate a ceramic object using the techniques of Vietri’s tradition in a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Once delivered to you within a few days, the object will become a souvenir of the experience and of Vietri.

Guided tours B&B Vietri 360

B&B Vietri Sul Mare

Campania is a region rich of history and culture. Our guided tours will take you to the discovery of the main archaeological sites (firstly Pompei and Paestum) and of Napoli, Campania’s county seat as well as a city enshrining the heritage of a thousand-year history that will amaze you.

Services Of B&B Vietri 360

B&B Vietri Sul Mare

Boat excursions: if you wish to enjoy the Amalfi Coast from a unique perspective, our boat excursions are the best choice for you. We collaborate with expert skippers who will show you the most beautiful and hidden places of the coast. You will be able to customize the tours according to your needs and wishes; for example, you could choose to have lunch on a sailboat with tasty dishes freshly prepared by a chef.

Car rental with a driver: for Napoli Capodichino airport transerfs or private day tours on the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento coast, we collaborate with a partner who offers an excellent service at reasonable prices.

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